Freedom Justice Equality


I am running for Sheriff because I believe that every person that live, work, or worship in Prince George’s County deserves to do that safely. Unlike most elected officials, I don’t have a three step plan (if fixing issues in our community could have been done in three steps, they would have been fixed a long time ago). Instead I have an equation, that will require us to proactively address the social issues that affect the crime rate and our quality of life while diligently carrying out the day to day task of the Sheriff’s office. Resulting in everyone being afforded the Freedom, justice and equality we all deserve. Things such as, but not limited to;

I am currently a deputy sheriff in Prince George’s County, I have been for nearly a decade. As the only person in the race who has been in every single division of the Sheriff’s office, I understand the needs of the more than 10 divisions, and as a chair for a state public Safety Caucus and a graduate of the FBI-LEEDA Executive Leadership Institute, i have the experience and vision to enhance those each of those division to better serve the people of this county.


Domestic Violence and Violence Against Women


Women in our community are treated like second class citizens. Being paid less, being murdered with their children at an awful rate. Women rights are under attack in this community so bad that in Maryland if a woman is raped (and decides to keep her child) the rapist can fight for parental rights. That’s not right, and that’s not justice. Recently I have introduced a concept for legislation that will create a registry for repeat convicted offenders of domestic violence to proactively let people know who they are dealing with before a relationship gets too deep. So as the Sheriff I will continue to fight to protect everyone’s rights equally and defend those in need.

Safeguarding our Seniors

Our seniors are one of the most vulnerable members in our community. They are losing their homes because of the taxes and cost of living and because evictions are the responsibility of the sheriff I want to fight now to prevent that from happening I would like there to be a tax cap and rent control for seniors. Last year a developed a program through liberty tax service and was able to get 200 seniors taxes done for free. I will also be working on;

Criminal Justice Reform

The local criminal justice system is in great need of a positive change. As the sheriff I want to revamp the hiring process so that we can have more qualified candidates from the community working in the community. I want to offer more opportunities for accountability and oversight. Developing the necessary partnerships in the community, not to police the community but to police with the community. I will remove the culture of "them" vs. "Us" and bridge the gap between public safety and the community. I believe we have to draw attention to re entry. As the sheriff I will fight for bail bond reform and services and programs for citizens to cut down on recidivism.



Protecting our children and their future

I will assist the school board with any added level of protection that we deem feasible and necessary to protect our children.

Assistance with background checks for employees

I believe quality education and gainful employment lower the crime rate. So I will continue to work with the members of our schools board to take our school system from operating from the second worse in the State of Maryland so our children can have a fair chance. And I’ve developed a program for at-risk juveniles (similar to a scared straight program) it will be call the Juvenile Reinvestment Program.
I currently have several other workshops in place that my team provides to the community. Drug awareness (especially highlighting the long term effect of marijuana.)

Advancing law enforcement’s practices in mental health services

Interactions between people with mental health issues and law enforcement are increasing by the day. Especially considering the sheriffs office is responsible for serving court ordered psychological evaluations so I believe it is imperative that deputies not only have the most updated training when it comes to mental health.

Current Workshops

1) What to do when stopped by the police
2) Senior Safety
3) Smart Phone Safety- where we teach guardians how to use smart phones to protect our children from predators
4) Church Safety- affordable and practical tips to keep our churches safe